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What are Day Passes in Barcelona?

Day Pass Barcelona : Increasing demand from the inhabitants of the city and the Catalan provinces

day pass pool hotel barcelona with children
Swimming Pool Day Pass at a Hotel in Barcelona with children

"A city that gives you a choice..."

Despite the 2 years of pandemic, Barcelona has a wide variety of Day Pass proposals in hotels and spas in the city.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to hire this type of service, here is a brief explanation of what it consists of. Day Passes in Barcelona (and most of the destinations where we destinations in which we operate ) are vouchers granting the use and enjoyment of services and/or facilities usually in a hotel or resort. It goes without saying that to enjoy a Day Pass you don’t need to stay at the hotel, of course that’s what it’s all about!

Day Pass Hotels Barcelona

The most special Daypass at the Best Hotels in Barcelona…. at very affordable prices!

Day Pass with Swimming Pool in Barcelona

If you live in Barcelona alone, as a couple or with children, you are in luck this summer!

Nothing better than a good bath to endure the summer heat and make everything more bearable. To do so, we recommend spending
a different day
by reserving for you and your loved ones a Day Pass with pool in Barcelona.

Both adults and children will enjoy an experience where everyone will enjoy quality time together.

Outstanding Day Pass Offers in Barcelona

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Day Pass ME Sitges Terramar

Sitges, Barcelona

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Day Pass
Hotel Arts Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

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Our selection of Day Pass in Barcelona Hotels

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